Bradley Crosby


After graduating from FSU’s School of Film, Brad headed to LA to pursue his filmmaking dreams. He worked as a camera assistant on commercials and music videos there, gaining valuable experience on film shoots. Poised to begin his climb up the production ladder on the west coast, Brad’s path was diverted when he got an opportunity to go to Atlanta and intern under highly accomplished table top director John Davis at Comotion Films.

After working for years as Davis’ understudy, Brad’s expertise grew to the point where he and Davis formed a directing partnership. The two teamed up on numerous projects, including Sonic, Ryans, GE, and Coca-Cola to name a few. With Davis’ recent retirement, Brad now helms spots on his own and has built an impressive collection of food and beverage work. His eye for detail, refined lighting sensibilities and forward thinking art direction have combined to make him an emerging national talent.